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We have all heard the phrase “new year, new me” flaunted around in the last few months as gym memberships soared in the month of January & February as many people underwent their own body transformation challenge. We noticed the same pattern here at Crunch as many members attacked 2016 with a bang & pulled out all the stops to achieve their dream body after over indulging at Christmas.

As we all know though it takes more than just a fresh outlook & words to stick with a program for longer than a couple of months, it takes proper mental strength especially if the person is a newcomer to the world of fitness. Jennifer Ferraz joined Crunch Fitness Aston Quay in January with a vision of how she wanted to look & was willing to do whatever it took to achieve these personal goals she set for herself.

These pictures on the left were taken on 11/01/16 & the pictures on the right were taken on the 11/03/16. So exactly 2 MONTHS APART 

Body Transformation Challenge 2016

Body Transformation Challenge 2016


Jeniffer lost a whopping 20kg (over 3 stone) in just 60 days by following the guidelines set up by her trainer once she signed up to be a member of Crunch. This involved a total revamp of her then diet which consisted of a lot of carbs & no real consistency to her meals. She now enjoys a balanced diet which she monitors closely to ensures the right amount of protein, fats & carbs are taken in every day.

When I asked about what she thinks made the biggest change to her body she replied

One of my biggest cravings was sugar, I have a serious sweet tooth, so I cut down on sweets & chocolate so I substituted these with protein bars just to keep me tied & to satisfy the cravings. I also cut down on carbs & eliminated alcohol completely. With regards to training I work out 5-6 times per week with a mixture of cardio & weights training.

Jeniffer has completely transformed her body in 2 months & maintains that she has more energy & is happier mentally than she was at the start of January.. This transformation has inspired us to create a new program called THE BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE which is FREE for all members but also available for NON MEMBERS. Sign up by following the link & we will be in touch shortly. There are LIMITED places available so if you are interested let us know as it will be starting on the 4th of May 2016