Bell & Pot is a wonderful cafe situated in the heart of the City Centre (here) Here at Crunch we are always approached by business to create partnerships which can benefit our members but we never felt that any of them DO although – daughter’s.

cater to the needs of our clients until we met Roisin from the Bell & Pot The difference between Bell & Pot and other businesses in the surrounding area is that they offer healthy meals at a very competitive price. Not only that but their menu is second to none with regards to nutritional information, take a look here As part of our new venture with Bell & Pot, Crunch members now get a permanent 10% discount on all menus Furthermore we are running a promotion starting today

  • The first 10 Crunch members to try Bell & Pot smoothies get the smoothie for FREE
  • The second 10 get 50% off
  • The third 10 get 20% off