So you want to know which are the most effective fat loss tips to get shredded for summer?

Every year, countless people panic when they realize summer is quickly approaching. Not because they don’t like warm weather but because they know they aren’t even close to beach-body ready.



All of a sudden these people start showing up at the gym in droves and frantically try to lose the weight as fast as possible. Having said that, how many people actually succeed? Pretty few, in fact most of them barely make it off the starting line. It’s funny too because they all fall for the same traps.

These key areas are what separate people from the body they’ve always wanted and now that you are aware of them you can do your best to avoid falling for them.


Look, we all cut for different reasons. Some of us compete professionally, others work as fitness models, most however are just trying to look good for the opposite sex or just for their next . A lot of people tend to use their body fat % as a barometer of whether or not they’ve succeeded.

Well guys, we hate to say it but nobody is going to look at you and go “Hey your 5.788% bodyfat physique looks incredible!” They will just look at you and determine whether or not you look “good”. It doesn’t matter if you are 12% or 4% – you either look good or you don’t.

The point we are trying to make here is that focusing on cutting to a specific bodyfat % is not a good goal to have. Forget about having a goal of getting to 10% bodyfat – instead, focus on having the type of physique you want.

For a lot of people that means six pack abs – now, if you set a goal of 10% bodyfat are you going to just stop as soon as you get there? What if you still can’t see your six pack?

And that takes us to another key point in that bodyfat testing is not an exact science – it’s very difficult to figure out what % you are by taking a pair of callipers and measuring a skin fold.

In fact if you take the measurement a few times you are likely to get a different value each time. Therefore you should be focusing on how you actually look. If you go in front of a mirror and see a well-defined set of 6 pack abs staring back at you then you can objectively say that you have achieved your goal.

Going forward, track your progress with your weight and pictures – it will make the entire process a heck of a lot less complicated. Remember when guys are competing on stage for a bodybuilding contest the judges never ask for a bodyfat% reading – all they care about is how they look!


When it comes to getting shredded, most people think low-carb diet. In fact, many people go as far as to cut them out altogether.

This is actually a mistake and can actually derail the entire cut! Generally speaking people tend to cut their carb intake way too fast right off the bat. Now we aren’t saying you can eat the same amount of carbs as you did when you were bulking – you’ll have to bring that down a bit.

However, you won’t need to make nearly as drastic as a cut as you think. So how many carbs should you be eating? Well, that depends on your body. You should be eating as many carbs as you can handle while still losing fat at a steady pace.

Obviously everyone is different so it will take some experimentation on your part to figure out just how many is right for you.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to tell you exactly how many carbs you should be consuming. Even if you are the exact same height, size and weight as another person you might have drastically different nutritional needs.

For a steady progress in fat loss make sure you don’t do any drastic changes.


This kind of piggy-backs on the last point. Just because a particularly diet and training program worked for your buddy doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

In fact, it might be terrible for you. It takes weeks or even months of experimentation to find out what works for you – and that might even change over time! You see, if there was one single program that worked for everyone we would all be doing it and would look like Arnold.

Some people need tons of cardio every week in order to lose fat while others don’t need it at all. Similarly, some people thrive on low volume while others do better with higher volume. Even the number of days per week you train, the types of exercises you choose and the foods you eat all vary from person to person.

Obviously this takes a lot of experimentation and more importantly patience to figure it all out. We’re not going to lie – genetics do play a role here so if you are gifted in that department you definitely have it easier than the rest of us.

We’re going to go ahead and guess though that if you are reading this article you don’t fit into that category.


fat loss

For some reason people feel that because they are cutting they need to devote an entire day to working their abs. Well guys, you are totally wasting your time.

You can’t spot-reduce fat on the mid-section firstly. Second, if your chest, arms, back and legs all get bigger when you work them why would your stomach get smaller?

Makes no sense to me and when you look at it that way it really drives the point home.

If you are doing a solid program that works a lot of compound movements your abs are already getting plenty of work. Feel free to add in a couple ab exercises her and there but the real definition is going to come from losing bodyfat. If you’re not lean enough it doesn’t matter how much ab work you do – they simply won’t show up.


Look, nobody is perfect – we all slip up at times and eat foods that we aren’t supposed to. Having said that as long as we do it in moderation it won’t derail our entire progress.

That’s why it’s important not to make drastic changes to our diet that are not sustainable. Cutting out carbs completely or consuming huge calorie deficits will set you up for epic binge sessions down the road that will have you putting back on all the fat you just got rid of.

Similarly, don’t suddenly change a workout program that has been working for you. Remember that just because you are cutting doesn’t mean you should be training any differently. However, if you find you don’t have the energy you once did then maybe it’s time to make a diet change.

Be flexible and make changes over time – if something isn’t working properly or leads you to binge eating sessions then cut them out – they aren’t doing you any favors.


  • Don’t worry too much about your fat percentage a far more important thing is if you actually look good
  • Make sure to slowly decrease your carbs, drastic changes can lead to failure
  • Your routine should be geared towards your goals, so choose carefully
  • Ab work is fine but you don’t do have too much of it
  • Keep lifting heavy weights to maintain your muscles and strength
  • Don’t go overboard in anything, moderation is key to a steady pace success

H/T Broscience